Driskill Mountain  is the highest summit in Louisiana, with an elevation of 535ft (163m).  It lies about 5.3 miles southeast of Bryceland, Louisiana.  It is located in the northeastern corner of the state in Bienville Parish. The area is very densely forested.  As a result, there have been significant logging operations carried out in the immediate area around this highpoint and so trails can be difficult to follow. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing in the winter, however, this part of the South usually receives one significant snowstorm in late February or early March each year.

Driskill Mountain was named for James Christopher Driskill (1817-1901), who settled in the farm and timber land surrounding the mountain in the late 1830s after moving from Macon, Georgia. Eventually, Mr. Driskill owned 960 acres in the area. In 1874 he donated two acres of land for what has become the Mount Zion Presbyterian Church and the Driskill Memorial Cemetary.